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Paraphrasing Tool

Rewrite your text instantly with our paraphrasing tool, designed to craft unique and engaging content effortlessly!

What can the paraphrasing tool assist you with?

  • Reword text: It rephrases your sentences to create a new version with the same meaning.
  • Avoid plagiarism: By changing the wording, it helps you avoid copying others’ work.
  • Improve clarity: It can make your writing clearer and easier to understand.
  • Save time: It quickly rewrites text, saving you time and effort.
  • Learn: By seeing different ways to express ideas, you can improve your language skills.

For whom is this paraphrasing tool designed?

This paraphrasing tool is designed for:

1. Students

Make schoolwork better by rewording hard sentences, avoiding plagiarism, and simplifying tough ideas.

2. Writers

Make writing clearer, remove repeated ideas, and keep a consistent style in articles and stories.

3. Bloggers

Write engaging and easy-to-read content for readers by simplifying complex ideas and keeping a consistent tone.

4. Marketers

Rephrase and improve marketing messages to better reach target audiences, boost conversions, and raise brand awareness.

5. Professionals

Make reports, proposals, and presentations clearer by reorganizing and rewording text for better understanding.

6. Researchers

Enhance research articles, abstracts, and summaries by rephrasing complex terminology and making findings more accessible to non-experts.

AI Paraphraser – Powered By Eight AI Rewriting Modes

Choose from eight rephrasing options to find the ideal way to restate your text.

Paraphrasing Mode What it does? Price
Free Rewriter Paraphrases up to 20,000 characters Free
Text Improver Simplifies writing style; fix sentence structure Free
Near Human Human-level rewriting Free
Plagiarism Remover Makes content original and unique; ensure writing integrity Premium
Creative Enhances creativity with fresh ideas; inspire unique writing Premium
Academic Improves academic writing for research purposes Premium
Quill Text Streamlines writing with clear and concise language Premium
Sentence Rephraser Rephrases each sentence Premium

Why’s Paraphrase Tool Is Best?

Improve text fluency

Improve text fluency, remove grammar errors, and create higher-quality content.

paraphrasing tool

Rewrite text in human style

Paraphrase the text in a way that is easy to understand and maintain readability.


Remove Self Plagiarism

Avoid self or unintentional plagiarism to make sure you are not plagiarizing your own work.

paraphrase tool

Rephrase content to be more clearer

Enhance your creativity and write your next article with confidence.

best paraphrasing tool

Paraphrase Academic Papers

Reword quotes and cited statements in academic papers and assignments to increase their comprehensibility


Reformulate your own words with AI

Revamp your language with the help of AI to enhance clarity and coherence in your writing.

AI paraphrasing tool

Paraphrase individual sentences

Rewrite each sentence and choose the most suitable rephrased version out of ten proposed sentences.

sentence rephraser

Change whole text tone

Adjust the tone of the text to better suit the intended audience from informal to professional or casual to formal as needed.

sentence rephraser

Extra Features Of The Paraphraser

Built-in Thesaurus


Click on any word to open the thesaurus and select a suitable synonym.

Learn while paraphrasing

words definition

Expand your vocabulary by simply double-clicking any unfamiliar words to view their definitions.

Paraphrase from images and audio files


Upload an audio file or an image to paraphrase text from it.

Research what to rephrase

words definition

“The built-in “research panel” feature enables you to search and insert text into the editor for paraphrasing purposes.

Enhance Your Writing Across All Platforms

With compatibility for popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera and Safari, our tool provides dedicated extensions to help you rephrase text directly within your preferred browser.

In addition to browser support, our paraphrasing tool is available on various platforms, including Android and IOS apps, and MS Word add-on.

This versatile tool aims to assist you in enhancing the clarity and uniqueness of your writing, no matter which platform you use.

Available Integrations

Apple App Store

Opera Extension

One stop solution for all your Rewording needs

You need a tool that helps you rephrase ideas seamlessly, and is the answer!

The paraphrase tool is trusted by millions worldwide


It is a free paraphrase tool with advanced paraphrasing features.

Simon OliveContent Writer

It is the excellent AI rewording tool that helps you paraphrase text for free.

Robert JamesResearcher

Much better than Quillbot and other premium paraphrasing tools.

Gallon SmithJournalist

I am an author and this rewriter is my best friend. It assists me in composing emails and social media posts.

Jacob Michael Author

Explore More About Paraphrasing and Writing Resources

Expertise, User Data Privacy & Future Updates

  1. Expertise in Language Processing: Our paraphrasing tool is developed by Asad Shehzad and its team of linguistic and AI experts, who bring years of experience in natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to ensure a deep understanding of language and context. This expertise allows our tool to deliver high-quality, coherent, and contextually accurate paraphrased content.
  2. Continuous Improvement and Updates: We regularly update our algorithms and models to stay current with the latest advancements in AI and NLP research. This commitment to innovation allows our paraphrasing tool to consistently provide superior performance and maintain its effectiveness in generating high-quality content.
  3. Transparent and Ethical Data Handling: We maintain transparency in our data handling practices by clearly outlining our privacy and data security policies. We adhere to ethical standards in AI, ensuring that our tool respects users’ privacy and protects their intellectual property.

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