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Helps to express ideas in a creative way
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0% P a r p h r a s i n g . . . is the best paraphrasing tool that helps you write with confidence, remove plagiarism, and improve your vocabulary.

Our paraphrase tool is easy to use and free tool for students, writers and authors.

🚀Quickly paraphraseSentences and paragraphs
✍️Rewriting modes07 state-of-the-art modes
🗺️MultilingualSupports 30 languages features

You can rely on our AI paraphraser! is the perfect tool for people who struggle with rephrasing, or want to be better at paraphrasing.

Become a better writer

Our paraphrase tool helps you to be a better writer. It provides assistance in rephrasing, generating topics, and summarizing text.

Improve your paraphrasing skills

The paraphraser helps you to restate effectively with better sentence structure and learn different ways to write the same sentence.

Learn new words

Our rephraser helps you to learn new words and improve your vocabulary by providing synonyms for any word in context.

A smarter way to rephrase sentences!

With our AI-powered paraphrasing tool, you no longer need to think about how to reword and rewrite sentences. Our AI sentence rephraser helps you rewrite sentences in a smarter way.

Never plagiarize again

We use the latest AI technology to ensure your paraphrased paper is 100% unique and free of any copyright infringement.

Paraphrase with confidence

Our rephraser helps you to rephrase your sentences in a better way so you can avoid any grammatical errors. That’s how our rewording tool helps you write with confidence!

Paraphrasing Modes

Paraphrasing Tool – Seven State-Of-The-Art Writing Modes

Our paraphraser offers seven state-of-the-art writing modes to write better and clearer.

Text Improver

It improves text fluency. It helps to fixes common grammar errors and punctuation mistakes.

Use Cases

  • Simplify writing style
  • Fix sentence structure

Near Human

It helps writers to practice rewriting skills by changing synonyms.

Use Cases

  • Clarify and restate original text
  • Human level rewriting
paraphrase tool

Plagiarism Remover

This mode is friend of thousands of students around the globe who struggle hard to improve their grades.

Use Cases

  • Helps to create unique content
  • Removes unitentional plagiarism
Paraphrasing tool


This mode adds creativity to the original content to improve its readability score.

Use Cases

  • Adds new expression
  • Make the meaning clearer
Paraphrasing tool


It helps writers and students to better express their ideas in academic papers.

Use Cases

  • Reword essays and assignments
  • Rewrite research papers
best paraphrasing tool

Quill Text

It uses NLP algorithms to shorten sentences and requill your work,

Use Cases

  • Quill documents with state-of-the art AI
  • Shorten snetences with altered words
paraphrasing tool

Sentence Rephraser

Multiple sentence versions are created, giving the writer the freedom to select the best rephrased version of the sentence.

Use Cases

  • Change sentences for professional purposes
  • Restate same sentences for better meaning
sentence rephraser


Key Features of Paraphrase Tool

Alternate Words


You can change words and synonyms by double clicking on a word after rephrasing words.

Find Definitions

words definition

You can read definition of a word by double clicking on it after rewording sentences.

Generate Overview


You can generate summary of paraphrased text by clicking on “overview” button.

Generate Headline

words definition

The primary purpose of “title” option is to provide a relevant topic for paraphrased content.

One stop solution for all your Rewording needs

You need a tool that helps you rephrase ideas seamlessly, and is the answer!

Our paraphrase tool is trusted by millions worldwide


It is a free paraphrase tool with advanced paraphrasing features.

Simon OliveContent Writer

It is the excellent AI rewording tool that helps you paraphrase text for free.

Robert JamesResearcher

Much better than Quillbot and other premium paraphrasing tools.

Gallon SmithJournalist

I am an author and this rewriter is my best friend. It assists me in composing emails and social media posts.

Jacob Michael Author

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