Title: The AI will generate a title based on the input text.

Context: Here you will find a brief summary of the original text. The conclusion will be brief.


Paraphrasing Tool

The all-in-one paraphrasing tool that paraphrases, summarizes, and generates content with correct grammar and removes plagiarism.

It is the only article rewriter that can restate the original text and keep the original meaning.

Simon Olive – Content Writer

What does the Paraphrase Tool do?

It is the best paraphrasing tool that helps you paraphrase a piece of text in your words.

It also allows you to create multiple versions of a text you already own or find online. In other words, our online paraphraser can give new meanings to an old text.

It can be used for many purposes, such as:

Key Features

The paraphrase tool comes with useful features such as word changer, improving content quality, removing plagiarism and rewriting essays. Other than these features, the offers four free writing tools. These tools are plagiarism checker, grammar checker, text summarizer, and content generator.

Plagiarism checker

Find out if your content has any duplicate sources before you publish. The plagiarism detector will scan your text and show the results in seconds.

Grammar checker

The grammar checker will scan your text and find any mistakes in grammatical structure, as well as offer tips on how to write better.

Free AI Content Generator

Need to come up with a quick blog post content? Use the free content generator and get creative with topics that matter to you!

Text Summarizer

No more reading long articles – use our text summarizer to shorten any text with just one click.

Citation Generator

Create citation in APA, MLA and Chicago format to quote the original source.

It supports all languages

It supports all languages including French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and more!

Why is best?

  • Paraphrasing Tool offers a 100% free service to rephrase content online.
  • It allows 1000 words per input (approx 10,000 characters) to paraphrase online for unlimited times.
  • It uses an AI-based model to rewrite text, making the article unique and high-quality.

Our online sentence rephraser also offers state-of-the-art paraphrasing with four rewriting modes.

1. Text Improver

It improves content quality with minimal changes. This rewriting mode generates most accurate paraphrased text.

2. Near Human

It rewrites articles close to the human readability. This mode is good for scholars and professional paraphrasing needs.

3. Plagiarism Remover

It paraphrases 80% of the content to make the input unique. The content rewritten by this mode can pass plagiarism test.

4. Creative

This mode changes synonyms and sentence structure of the text. It can decrease the percentage of duplicate content than other modes.

You can generate multiple version of the same mode by clicking on the “paraphrase” button.

Step-By-Step Guide To Use Paraphraser

The Paraphrasing tool is a simple and straightforward tool to paraphrase a sentence or a paragraph. The user only needs to enter the original text into the given field and then click on “Paraphrase” button. It will process the original text and generate an equivalent rewritten version in just seconds.

Follow the following steps to rewrite content effectively.

Use paraphrasing tool

Write or paste content to paraphrase text. You can choose between 04 rephrasing modes, which generates unique content every time. We have added a new feature that can generate “Title” and “Context” of the input text for better understanding of your paper.

Check plagiarism

After paraphrasing, use the plagiarism checker to make sure the rewritten article is unique. This tab displays the percentage of “plagiarism” and “unique” content. It also shows the percentage of the original source.


Rewritten content always require proofreading. Grammar checker tab enables to proofread spelling mistakes and check punctuation mistakes in the content.

Generate Summary

If you want to add takeaways from the rewritten article in a bullet points format, you can use the text summarizer tab. Moreover, text summarizer shortens long text and summarize large documents.

Add New Content

Our “content generator” helps you add valuable content to existing content. You can use it to overcome writer’s block.

Sentence Rephraser

Now you can word tune your sentences with sentence rephraser feature. It will give multiple suggestions to choose from, rephrased sentences for better writing.

Below is the infographics that demonstrates step by step method of using this tool.

How to use paraphrasing tool?


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