How AI Paraphrasing Has Changed The Writing Process?

AI-Writing assistance is becoming a common practice among writers. So, how exactly do they help? 

The phases of any writing process are vital in producing a final outcome. Writers today have the luxury of using AI-based tools. In contrast, the writers before relied heavily on research and consistency. 

Today, research is made easy by platforms like Google, while writers depend on tools like So, how exactly do they help? Moreover, is it okay to rely on them? The point is these tools help improve productivity and help writers achieve goals quickly.

Therefore, time and cost-efficiency is not the only good thing; it’s a necessity in today’s fast-paced marketing world. That’s why it’s imperative to understand how they change the writing landscape, so let’s get started. 

Brief Introduction To AI-Writing Assistants: What Is is a free online paraphrasing tool that can help you with your writing needs. It is a great assistant for content writers and copywriters who need to generate content ideas, write summaries, and other types of copywriting at scale.

It’s one of the primary types of AI-based assistants available today. AI-Writing assistants today have become a common tool in the shed of any writer. Some of the most common types of AI-based assistance writers seek, such as:

  • Paraphrasing 
  • Checking plagiarism
  • Generating text
  • Summarizing content
  • Fixing grammar

Writing good content is subjective in human minds. However, AI depends on statistics and factors that we humans don’t always consider. That’s why these tools are quickly becoming the primary solution to improve content

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They can help writers achieve various goals, such as:

  • Improve existing content by paraphrasing or rephrasing
  • Ensure originality by detecting & removing plagiarism
  • Editing and removing grammatical errors
  • Shortening the content or summarizing it for various uses

However, tools like can also be used by students who need to paraphrase texts in their assignments or by anyone who wants to improve their writing skills.

What Does An AI-Writing Assistant Like Do? is an AI-writing assistant that can be used to generate content ideas at scale. It can also be used to avoid plagiarism and paraphrase content. is a free, web-based tool that anyone can quickly access with an internet connection. The tool has been designed to help people paraphrase text and avoid plagiarism by generating content ideas at scale in any language, topic, or niche.

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The tool is easy to use; it only takes a few seconds for the user to upload the text and select their desired language, topic, or niche. Some tools also offer a list of paraphrased sentences from which they can choose their favorite one.

1. Rephrase Content

One of the most common uses of AI is for rephrasing content. There are services that offer this service, and one of them is It’s quickly becoming a popular AI-powered tool that helps in rephrasing sentences or phrases.

The tool provides accurate suggestions to make the content more readable and clear. Here’s how it can assist you in the writing process:

assist you in the writing process

As you can see, without you having to move a muscle, has revamped this content within a few seconds. 

2. Detect Plagiarism

A plagiarism detector is a tool that can be used to identify plagiarism. It is an AI-powered tool that has been designed to detect the copied content and find the original one. 

This kind of tool makes it easier for the students, teachers, and lecturers to identify and remove plagiarism from their work. Here’s how:

remove plagiarism from their work

As you can see here, it’s a botched rewriting job. That’s why’s plagiarism detector has underlined it in red. Therefore, content writers should always make sure that they are rewriting the content in a proper way. 

They should not just copy and paste the content from one article to another. This will only lead to a plagiarism issue and can land them in hot water.

3. Help Write From Scratch is an artificial intelligence text generator that can help you create unique and human-like texts. It is an excellent tool for copywriters who want to write from scratch and don’t have the time or skills to do so. Such as this:

create unique and human-like texts

As demonstrated here, it helped us generate a string of text based on a few keywords. It is also a great content marketing tool for businesses with a limited budget, as it allows them to create content on any topic with just one click.

4. Fix Errors & Mistakes

We’re all guilty of making grammatical errors every now and then. And while some of them might not be too big a deal, some others can completely change the meaning of your sentence. Luckily, there are tools like that can fix these errors for you automatically. 

All you need to do is upload your article or text, and the tool will do its magic by correcting grammatical errors and adding missing words. Such as this:

correcting grammatical errors

As you can see here, the content is not only revamped but the errors are gone as well. Proving how AI assists us quickly and conveniently. 

5. Summarize Content 

Text summarizing is a very important skill. It is the art of taking large amounts of text, condensing it into a shorter version, and retaining the most important information. This skill is especially useful for people who are studying or have to read a lot of texts.

Here’s an example of how our tool’s AI assists with it:

our tool's AI assists

Once more, AI helped us achieve this summary, which would have taken minutes, or hours—depending on the text’s length. 

How Do They Change The Writing Process? 

As we have seen demonstrated by, it’s a machine learning-based paraphrasing tool that automatically generates a rewritten version of your original text in the form of an article, blog post, or essay.

The has a number of use cases, such as:

  • Generate content ideas at scale
  • Provide assistance to content writers by getting rid of writer’s block
  • generate articles for specific topics or niches
  • Generate all kinds of content for clients

Here are four primary benefits of using and seeking its AI’s assistance: 

  • They Are Cost-Effective

As demonstrated, AI-based tools can help you paraphrase and rewrite sentences, paragraphs, and essays. It’s a cost-effective option when you need assistance with your writing but doesn’t want to spend money on a professional copywriter or editor.

  • They Save A Lot Of Time

The cost of using a tool like is zero. As seen throughout this article, our tool helped us achieve many different objectives without costing you a penny. Moreover, it helped us to do all that without costing us any time either. 

  • They Assist In Bulk Content Creation

Bulk content creation can be a difficult process for many writers. That’s when an AI-based tool like helps save a lot of time and improves productivity. 

  • They Ensure Content integrity

The three major attributes of good content are:

  • Originality
  • Quality
  • Error-Free Nature

All three that helped us achieve throughout this article.


That’s how an AI-based writing assistant can help make life easy for a writer. Not only will it save you a lot of time, but it won’t break the bank either.