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How to Cite a Paraphrased Statement

The acknowledgment of the source is essential when you paraphrase in research or other academic assignments. It means to cite a paraphrased statement. This way, the writer references the source from which they adapted the content or excerpted the information. Citation helps to eliminate the chances of plagiarism by stating the author’s name and providing … Read more

Paraphrasing Guide

What is Paraphrasing? The idea of paraphrasing is to convey the same idea with different words and phrases. Using it as an alternative to direct quotations allows you to incorporate evidence and sources into your writing. Additionally, it can be used to explain information in tables, charts, and diagrams. Paraphrasing Example ORIGINAL

How Paraphrasing and Quotation are Similar?

How paraphrasing and Quoting are similar?

Everything that we write in a research paper should be authentic, well refined, and unique. It’s no secret that the researchers include paraphrased or quoted statements in their papers to achieve uniqueness and validate their findings.  The primary purpose of paraphrasing and quotations is to avoid plagiarism and acknowledge the source.  In this article, we … Read more

What is paraphrasing in writing?

What is Paraphrasing in Writing?

For sure, writers are always in need of techniques that can improve their skills and paraphrasing serves just right here. Paraphrasing is the most powerful writing technique if you know the right way to use it. It helps to write faster and better. Just as it helps to overcome potential writing issues, it makes it … Read more

What is the Purpose of Paraphrasing?

What is the purpose of Paraphrasing?

The purpose of paraphrasing is to rewrite a statement in unique wording either to escape plagiarism or attain clarity. It is a widely-used writing technique that makes it easier to write quality content in a shorter time.  There are many writers who use paraphrasing to improve their writing skills. Ultimately, paraphrasing is an effective means … Read more

Is Paraphrasing Tool Safe?

Is Paraphrasing Tool safe?

Paraphrasing tools have become an important asset for writers. No matter if they are creating content for academic assignments, marketing collateral, or websites, they opt for a paraphrasing tool that can help them write faster and better.  Anyhow, the writers should know that they cannot rely on every other paraphrasing tool. It is safe to … Read more

What is Paraphrasing in Research?

Paraphrasing in Research

When you conduct research either to explain, explore, or solve something, you must write down your findings in order to demonstrate what you achieved and how. Your research paper is basically a means to pass on the acquired knowledge as well as receive peer feedback.  If this is your first time writing about a research … Read more

Does Work Against Plagiarism?

Does Work Against Plagiarism?

Plagiarism detection and removal are two of the most necessary practices among writers. So, can do that?  The answer is: yes, it can, and you will see it throughout this article. But, first, we need to understand a few things, such as why it’s important to remove plagiarism in the first place.  According to … Read more