The free alternative of ChatGPT for students, writers & digital marketers. Designed to cater to various needs, from casual conversations to complex problem-solving, ChatBABU is here to revolutionize your AI experience without the hefty price tag.

Best prompts to use ChatBABU


  • Limited knowledge-2021
  • Best for generating Text, Essay, Story, Blog, etc.
  • Text Generation Model
  • Purpose: Content Generation
  • Example: Write an email for the resignation


  • Updated Data-(Current Year)
  • Best for getting factual information with refrences
  • Question-Answer Model
  • Purpose: Simplify the search
  • Example: What are upcoming Netflix movies in 2023

Slow Down!

Only two chats allowed per minute.

Limited Knowledge for factual questions

Up-to-date Knowledge for factual questions

We do not allow the generation of any content that is hateful, harassing, violent, self-harming, sexual, political, spam, deceptive, or malicious. Your account will be banned permanently if we you didn’t comply with our text generation policy.

ChatBabu is an advanced AI tool pre-trained to generate content based on devised prompts. It is equipped with the latest NLP and ML algorithms that enable it to understand the prompt and generate content accordingly.

It allows its users to generate essays, articles, blogs, Facebook ad copy, or factual information with authentic references. 

Moreover, it is 100% free, the simplest to use, and allows users to input prompts through typing or audio. If understood and used appropriately, users can generate the best content using this AI software.

Key Modes of ChatBabu:

  • Write with ChatBabu

This is the basic writing mode offered by the tool. Its knowledge is limited to 2021, making it best for generating blogs, articles, essays, etc.

  • Ask BabuPedia

BabuPedia is the updated (2023 data) version of ChatBabu. It can be utilized for obtaining factual information along with references, simplifying research work for users.

Chat Babu
Chat Babu 1

Who can use ChatBabu?

It is an all-in-one tool that is smart enough to generate content according to provided instructions. It can be used by:

Digital Marketers: for generating product descriptions, Google Ad copy, catchy taglines, YouTube ad scripts, etc.

Students and Educators: for essays, short paragraphs, presentation material, course outlines, etc.

Content Writers: to write short stories, articles, and blogs, create eye-catching titles for articles, product descriptions, etc. 

SEOs: to generate trending semantic keywords, article outlines, meta descriptions, etc.

Prompts to get the best out of ChatBABU

Good practice

Explain Quantum Physics

Bad practice

Can you explain Quantum Physics?

For students

  1. Write an essay on [topic]
  2. Write a short paragraph on [topic]
  3. Write an introduction on [topic]
  4. Write conclusion on [topic]
  5. Write keypoints on [topic]
  6. Generate outline for [topic]

For digital marketers

  1. Write product description for [product]
  2. Write Google Ad copy for the {product]
  3. Write Facebook Ad copy for the [product]
  4. Create catchy taglines for [product]
  5. Create Youtube ad script for [product]
  6. Create Instagram hashtags for [product]

For SEOs

  1. What are best practices for [topic]
  2. List 10 keywords for [topic]
  3. Generate semantic keywords for [topic]
  4. Create article outline for [topic]
  5. Write meta description for [keyword]
  6. Write email for guest post submission

For writers

  1. Do the basic research for [title]
  2. Generate 5 sub topics on {title]
  3. Suggest me what to write on [topic]
  4. Write short story on [topic]
  5. Write pros and cons of [product]
  6. Generate 05 blog titles for [topic]