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Best prompts to use ChatBABU


  • Limited knowledge-2021
  • Best for generating Text, Essay, Story, Blog, etc.
  • Text Generation Model
  • Purpose: Content Generation
  • Example: Write an email for the resignation


  • Updated Data-(Current Year)
  • Best for getting factual information with refrences
  • Question-Answer Model
  • Purpose: Simplify the search
  • Example: What are upcoming Netflix movies in 2023

Slow Down!

Only two chats allowed per minute.

Limited Knowledge for factual questions

Up-to-date Knowledge for factual questions

We do not allow the generation of any content that is hateful, harassing, violent, self-harming, sexual, political, spam, deceptive, or malicious. Your account will be banned permanently if we you didn’t comply with our text generation policy.

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Prompts to get the best out of ChatBABU

Good practice

Explain Quantum Physics

Bad practice

Can you explain Quantum Physics?

For students

  1. Write an essay on [topic]
  2. Write a short paragraph on [topic]
  3. Write an introduction on [topic]
  4. Write conclusion on [topic]
  5. Write keypoints on [topic]
  6. Generate outline for [topic]

For digital marketers

  1. Write product description for [product]
  2. Write Google Ad copy for the {product]
  3. Write Facebook Ad copy for the [product]
  4. Create catchy taglines for [product]
  5. Create Youtube ad script for [product]
  6. Create Instagram hashtags for [product]

For SEOs

  1. What are best practices for [topic]
  2. List 10 keywords for [topic]
  3. Generate semantic keywords for [topic]
  4. Create article outline for [topic]
  5. Write meta description for [keyword]
  6. Write email for guest post submission

For writers

  1. Do the basic research for [title]
  2. Generate 5 sub topics on {title]
  3. Suggest me what to write on [topic]
  4. Write short story on [topic]
  5. Write pros and cons of [product]
  6. Generate 05 blog titles for [topic]