How to Use’s Paraphrasing Tool to Make Your Content More Engaging?

Effective content is an invaluable asset to any writer today. So, how should they go about writing it? 

In the online world, more than 82% of marketers depend on using original content. Why is this practice so common? One of the reasons behind it is the fact that 47% of buyers admitted that they peruse 3-5 content pieces before purchasing or committing with a brand. 

On the other hand, students and academic writers need engaging content all the same. So, which practices should they involve in their writing tactics to improve their content? Here are three objectives to go for:

  • Original & plagiarism-free content
  • High readability
  • Informative value

Therefore, whether you’re a student or a professional writer, let’s find out how you can make your content more engaging:

What Is Engaging Content? 

Defining engaging content isn’t difficult. If you start reading something and then read it all the way through, that content engages you enough to do that. That’s why it’s imperative to understand the two most valuable attributes of an engaging content piece, which are:

1. Informative Value

The informative value of any content piece in academic writing is undeniable. On the other hand, 70% of consumers garner information regarding a business by reading their content/copy. 

Now, if your content isn’t providing such information, then it’s not an effective text. That’s why it’s imperative to pour informative value into any content.  

2. Readability 

Signs of lousy readability are that if you read content and lose your thought somewhere in the middle, you end up reading something again to understand it better. 

Consequently, it’s important to ensure the readability and density of your content—regardless of your writing setting. 

Who Needs To Learn Effective Ways To Make Content Engaging? 

There are many people who write today, including marketers, professionals, SEO experts, students, businesses, hobbyists, etc. So, to analyze just who needs to practice making engaging content, here are three of the main audiences: 


Students need to provide informative value in their content to pass with good grades. If a tutor grants them an assignment, then they expect good content in return. So, for the sake of academic prowess, students are on top of this list.

SEO Writers

SEO content cannot afford to be boring or stale. Nor can it afford to be unreadable or without any informative value. Therefore, SEO writers must learn how to make engaging content to ensure higher ranks in SERP (search engine results page).

Academic Writers

Academic writers aren’t necessarily students, but they do write for colleges, schools, and students. Therefore, they must learn the right way to make engaging content. 

5 Tools to Make Your Content More Engaging

Writing good content isn’t just about using proper terms and grammatical correction; it’s about making it more engaging. Therefore, to help you grasp how you can do that with, here are a few demonstrations: 

1. Paraphrase To Improve Content Quality

Content quality depends a lot on how well the sentences are formed, including their usage alongside one another. In other words, the quality of a paragraph. Here’s an example of a seemingly okay content piece: 

“Our website features good content, not because it’s easy to read, but also because it has high levels of informative value for you. So, read away and find out for yourself.”

This content isn’t technically bad, but it’s not as effective as you would like it to be. Therefore, it requires a better flow and the usage of better words. Here’s how tends to do that:

usage of better words

The content colored in red is the one the tool has changed. As you can see, the changes aren’t drastic; instead, they are enough to improve the content’s overall integrity and make it a little more effective. 

2. Detect & Remove Plagiarism

Another practice that writers need to make a habit out of is removing plagiarism. The three steps of plagiarism removal include plagiarism detection, removing or paraphrasing the duplicate content, then checking again.

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Here’s how you can do it with



Here, the tool has detected content as plagiarized, which it has underlined in red. Now, let’s remove it by switching back to paraphrasing in the top bar. 



The next step to remove plagiarism is effective; as you can see, the tool has made some drastic changes to the content without compromising the original idea’s integrity. Let’s check if the plagiarism is gone:

Checking Again

Checking Again

Yes, it is. This is a necessary practice for writers to employ. Therefore, make sure you detect and remove plagiarism from your content each time to make it more engaging and effective. 

3. Present A Summary Alongside Primary Content 

Nothing shows a writer’s prowess more than the writer’s ability to go the extra mile. Whether you write for academic content or for SEO, summaries are an important part of effective content. Therefore, you can summarize your content using like this:

summarize your content using

As demonstrated here, the tool has summarized the content effectively. It didn’t make any drastic changes, but it only churned out the necessary elements from the whole text. 

4. Fix Grammatical Errors

No type of content is ever successful if it has grammatical errors. This is what people learn in pre-school, so a professional writer can seldom afford to commit such a mistake. But, don’t worry, because can fix it like this:

if it has grammatical errors

All you need to do is paste your content in the Grammar Checker section, and as seen above, the mistakes are fixed by the tool in a flash.

5. Generate Chunks Of Content With AI 

Ever suffered from writer’s block? Well, then you know nothing gets in the way of writing engaging content more than going through a writing strut. However, there’s a solution for that as well. The answer is AI Content Generator:

The answer is AI Content Generator

As seen here, we only used a headline to write a chunk of content. Then, the tool has generated a lengthy amount of text for us. Now, we can use it as we like. 

Why Is It Important To Make Content More Engaging?

Making your content more engaging can benefit you, including success in your writing niche. Therefore, whether you’re an academic writer or a professional in SEO, you need more engaging content to gain these benefits:

Writer’s Reputation 

Whenever you sit down to write content, your reputation is on the line, and so is your prowess as a writer. That’s why it’s imperative that you focus on creating engaging content each time. However, it requires you to tend to a few things, as seen above.

Therefore, you need to analyze what your requirements are, whether academic or professional. Then, to push your reputation as a good writer, you need to follow the aforementioned practices to make your content more engaging.

Prowess In Writing Environment

Whether you write academic content or SEO, you need engaging content to succeed. To garner such prowess in any setting, the content needs to be readable, plagiarism and error-free.

Therefore, as seen in the demonstrations above, can help you achieve just that by using the tool in a few simple yet highly effective ways. 


Those are some of the most effective ways to make your content more engaging. Therefore, make sure you use for each step. And, let us know how we can guide you with similar topics in the comments.