AI Paraphrasing And Content Marketing Strategy

A paraphrasing tool is an integral part of the writing process today. So, how can they assist you in your content marketing strategy?

Experts say that reproducing or revamping old content can help you increase traffic by 106%! While it all depends on the type of content, paraphrasing tools surely play a part in such strategies. The race to the top of SERP requires the content marketer to seek all the help they can.

Considering the fact that even the #1 result on SERP generates only 32% of the traffic, it’s imperative to stand out in the top-ranks to achieve any flowing traffic. So, how do paraphrasing tools enter the fray? 

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How can they help content marketers achieve such goals? Since the job of a paraphrasing tool is to revamp or improve the content, it’s imperative to understand its usage by content marketers. SO, let’s dive in and find out how they can assist you: 

Introduction To Content Marketing 

The basic definition of content marketing is to use all the online platforms and content on it to achieve marketing objectives. The most common platforms used by content marketing include:

  • Blogs & websites
  • Social media network
  • White papers
  • Videos 
  • On & Off-Site content 

These factors help marketers achieve their primary goals, which is to help a brand stand out in its niche. On the other hand, one of the most important goals of a content marketing strategy is to ensure a website or blog stands out in SERP. 

Since there are around 4.9 million searches per minute, standing out with good content is not a requirement, it’s a necessity. 

That’s when good content marketing strategies lead the way and help businesses achieve their goals. Usually, these strategies entail the platforms to use, times to use them, and the type of content to use on them. 

How AI-Based Tools Assist In Content Marketing Strategy 

Content marketing depends on the originality and integrity of the content. This means the content needs to be in a particular tone and also error & plagiarism-free.

So, to understand just how can help a content marketer with these factors, here are six reasons to consider: 

1. Generate New Topics 

Writing good content and leading by example is the wish of every content marketer. However, the similarity of topics and niches can only allow the writers to go so far. That’s when a viable tool like can help generate new topics.

So, let’s say that you wish to write something about “Top SEO Practices,” then here’s how the tool helps:

wish to write something

With the help of its state-of-the-art AI Text Generator, the tool has helped us generate a new topic. You can be sure and double-check by detecting plagiarism in it. However, you won’t find any because the text you see above is 100% original. 

2. Recreate Original Content 

While the tool has helped us generate a unique topic based on those keywords, can it make it better? Even if the topic isn’t similar, there’s no guarantee that it’s original. That’s why you can rely on to help you ensure it.

Here’s how:

helped us generate a unique

We took the content generated by AI Text Generator then used the Paraphraser to rewrite it. Now, it’s virtually a guarantee that this content is not only original but a 100% idea for content marketing uses. 

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3. Detect & Remove Plagiarism

Plagiarism detection and removal are two of the major concerns of any content marketer today. To avoid Google’s penalties and to rank higher in SERP, it’s important to detect and remove plagiarism efficiently. 

Here’s how can assist you:

important to detect

As you can see here, this content piece within one of the articles was plagiarized. Therefore, the tool emphasizes it with red underlines. So, let’s paraphrase it first:

let’s paraphrase it

As you can see here, the tool has made some necessary, albeit minor, changes to the content. Will this suffice in avoiding plagiarism? Let’s check again:

avoiding plagiarism

The answer is yes, as you can see in this one. The plagiarism checker now underscores the content in green underlines to ensure that plagiarism is now removed. 

4. Summarize Content For Metadata 

Metadata is a necessity for SEO, and content marketers know this well. However, once you write content, you seldom have the time to go back and read it all to summarize the topic. That’s when’s summarizer steps in and help you like this:

summarize the topic

As you can see here, the long-form content is now reduced to 20-30 words, with two options at your disposal. Therefore, you can use them as you deem fit. 

5. Ensure Error-Free Content Creation

Error-free content is the backbone of any content marketing strategy today. Whether for an audience or for search engine crawlers, content marketers go above and beyond to ensure the content’s integrity doesn’t wane.

Here’s an example of helping us with just that:

content marketing strategy

The line we initially put in had errors, and you can observe them clearly. However, the grammar checker has completely erased those errors on the right-hand side and replaced them with accurate spelling. 

6. Save A Lot Of Time 

Time is of the essence in any marketing strategy today. That’s why an AI-based tool is not only a necessity; it’s also a godsend for many marketers. 

Being able to create content efficiently while ensuring quality, integrity, and plagiarism-free nature is nothing less than a blessing. That’s why a tool like can help save you a lot of time and hassle. 

A Few Reasons To Use A Paraphrasing Tool 

One of the major reasons to use a paraphrasing tool is that it can help you achieve many goals. If you’re looking to write good marketing content, then an AI-based paraphrasing tool can help you with:

  • Avoiding plagiarism 
  • Tending to specific content tones
  • Ensure content integrity and originality
  • Summarizing for metadata 
  • Time & work efficiency

All these factors count in and become one of the leading factors many content marketers use these tools. Since they are ideal in helping them write good content, tools like are the primary option for any content marketers today.

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They don’t only help ensure good content, as we will see later on, they also save a lot of time. Moreover, their prowess in writing various types ensures these AI-based tools are just right for specific content kinds.


These are a few ways a paraphrasing tool can help you save a lot of time and ensure top-notch content creation. Therefore, use the tool according to your requirement and stand out in your content marketing strategy.