How to Cite in APA Style?

Citations are an important part of any written work. They give credit to the authors of the sources you have used in your research and provide your readers with a way to find out more about the topic. The American Psychological Association (APA) provides a standard for formatting citations within the text of your paper. Here are some tips on how to cite in APA style.

What Is APA Style?

APA (American Psychological Association) Style is a standardized set of conventions used to format documents written in a wide array of subjects in the social and behavioral sciences. This style is often used in the fields of psychology, sociology, education, and nursing.

Basic Citation Format

APA Style citations are usually formatted as follows:

  • Author’s Last Name, Initials. (Year). Title of work. City, State (or Country): Publisher.
  • Author’s Last Name, Initials. (Year). “Title of article”. Title of periodical, volume number(issue number), page number(s).
  • Author’s Last Name, Initials. (Year). Title of web page. Retrieved from URL.

In-Text Citations

When citing within the text of your paper, use the author’s name and the year of publication in parentheses.

For example, “According to Jones (2014)…”. When citing a direct quote from another source, include the page number (or paragraph number) in the parentheses as well. For example, “…as Smith (2019, p. 23) noted”.

References Page

At the end of your paper, create a References page listing all of the sources you’ve cited within the text. This page should be double-spaced, and the entries should be alphabetized. Each entry should include the publication date, author’s name, title of work, and publication information.

See the APA Style website for more detailed information on how to format a References page.

How to cite book in APA stye?


Last name, First initial. (Year of publication). Title of book. Publisher.

Example: Miller, A. (2010). The complete guide to citation. Learning Press.

How to cite journal in APA stye?


Last name, First initial. (Year of publication). Title of article. Title of Journal, volume number (issue number), page range.

Example: White, J. (2008). The basics of APA style citation. Journal of Citation, 13(2), 35-41.


Citing sources is an important part of any research project. Using the APA Style guidelines ensures consistency and accuracy in citing the sources you use in your work.

Follow the simple tips outlined in this article to ensure that your citations are formatted properly in APA Style.

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