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The knowledge base section of provides short answers to paraphrasing-related questions. To read detailed articles, visit blog page.

How to use

Open the website
Enter the text in input box (left side)
Select the mode (Academic, Quill Text, Plagiarism Remover etc)
Click on “Paraphrase” button
The paraphrased output will be shown in right hand box after a few seconds

How to change synonyms?


Double click on a word after paraphrasing to change the synonym.

How to get definition of a word when paraphrasing?

words definition

Double click on a word after paraphrasing to get the definition of words.

What is overview option and what can you do with it?

Overview option generates summary of paraphrased text in human words.

Witness Yourself The Best Paraphrasing – All Modes Demo

YouTube video

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