Does Work Against Plagiarism?

One of the most important procedures for writers is the detection and removal of plagiarism. So, can do this?

Yes, it can, and you will see this throughout this post.

But first, we need to understand why is it important to remove plagiarism?

In a professional study, 40% of participants reported using plagiarized content when working on writing projects, according to Not only is plagiarism embarrassing, but it can also have serious consequences.

Here are some important reasons to remove plagiarism from your writing:

  • It can damage your reputation.
  • It takes credit away from the real creator.
  • It can cause legal issues.
  • The person responsible for plagiarism can be penalized in certain circumstances.

How to remove plagiarism?

Paraphrasing rules can help you to remove plagiarism from academic and professional writing. The briefs of these common rules are:

  • Write the statement/paragraph in your own words
  • Cite the original author
  • Directly quote the original content

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How Do Plagiarism Checkers Detect Plagiarism? 

  • searching through online websites
  • searching through indexed content
  • scanning large databases of universities and colleges
  • finding semantic similarities with the help of AI & NLP

How Does Help You Remove Plagiarism?

The two common occurrences of plagiarism when quoting or citing happens during rephrasing or writing a summary. That’s when a writer needs to take extra steps to ensure the plagiarism-free nature of the content. Here’s how helps with each aspect of content writing:

1. Rephrasing

The art of rephrasing is about writing original content, using the idea granted in the source content. Sometimes, writers just take the content then reuse it by replacing a few words here and there. To avoid plagiarism, you need to change your content drastically, like this: 

avoid plagiarism

As the Paraphraser demonstrates here, the words & terms marked in red are all the things it changed about the original/source content. Which deviates the content by about 50-60% from the original one. In other words, you need to learn the art of paraphrasing and here are good examples of it.

2. Summarizing 

Summarizing a content piece in original words may not sound like a hassle. However, many writers end up committing plagiarism accidentally, as they helplessly write content that’s way too similar to the source.

Yet, you can easily avoid that by using’s summarizer, and here’s how:

using’s summarizer

As you can see here, the content is nothing like the original. This should help you understand how to summarize. Or, better yet, just use the tool and save yourself the trouble. 

How To Detect & Remove Plagiarism With

Detecting and removing plagiarism are two of the best ways helps writers today. For your convenience, here is how:

1. Check For Plagiarism 

One of the most severe types of plagiarism is patchwork because it’s difficult to detect. For other tools, maybe, because effectively captures patchwork content, like this:

difficult to detect

As you can see here, the content marked in green is the only amount of content in this whole writing that’s original. The rest, marked in red, is plagiarized. 

2. Paraphrase Text

Now, we have demonstrated the prowess of in rewriting content. However, we only need to change a specific chunk of content, so let’s remove the original bit, like this:

remove the original bit

This is the original content, and we’ve cut it from the content for now. So, we’ll paraphrase the rest without it, such as this:

cut it from the content

Notice how the content has changed from its earlier version? Moreover, the sentence that we cut from it isn’t involved. Now, let’s move on to the next step.

3. Check For Plagiarism Again

Now that we’ve rephrased our desired content, let’s paste the unique content back into it, like this:

paste the unique content

Now the entire content is green. This means the tool has successfully eradicated plagiarism from this particular text. 


That’s how works against plagiarism. Therefore, use it according to your need, and follow the steps mentioned above.

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