The Art of Creative Story Writing: A Step-by-Step Guide

Writing a good story is a work of art. So, how can one go about doing it? 

Writing good content depends on how well the writer breaks down the ideas within it. In the online world, blog posts and short articles make up 80% of the content used by marketers. These blog posts sometimes have 10-12 paragraphs at most.

So, if the paragraph isn’t up to standards, then it may not make the desired impact. That’s why it’s important to know just how to write good paragraphs. But, how do you go about writing them?

It can be challenging to keep track of it when you’re whipping out words. That’s why you need to take it one paragraph at a time. So, just how can you do that? To help you understand the importance of paragraphs and how to write them, let’s find out more: 

What Is A Paragraph?

A paragraph is a specific dissertation within a written text, which emphasizes particular ideas of the whole text. These paragraphs can often accompany Subheaders, or sometimes, they can be a standalone part of a bigger text.

The idea of paragraphs is to contain specific ideas and their core. In contrast, these paragraphs come together to form the longer text. That’s when it’s important to understand just how long a paragraph should be.

Mainly because there’s no rule as to how long a paragraph should be. It depends on writing requirements and the content tone employed by the writer, and the content’s target audience. 

How Long Should A Creative Story Be?

The length of a creative story depends on several factors.

A short story should have an interesting premise, a character, or a situation that challenges the status quo.

A long story can have more detail and more fully developed characters, setting and scenes.

Many beginning writers want their story to be longer than it needs to be, but this is not always possible. One way to avoid writing a story that is too long is to sum up the action and add dialogue. This will move the story forward and set up a conflict.

Who Should Write Good Paragraphs? 

Every writer should; that’s the easiest answer. Because regardless of the content one writers, good paragraphs are the main pillar and core of the good text. That’s why it’s imperative to focus on writing good paragraphs for all writers. However, a few writers who should especially focus on this are:

  • Academic, research, or dissertation writers
  • Blog, SEO & marketing content writers 
  • Marketing copywriters 
  • Students and professionals

These four categories sum up every kind of writer that needs to write good paragraphs. So, in other words, everyone who needs to write content, and wishes for their writing to make a positive impact. 

Writing Good Paragraphs With

Writing good paragraphs is necessary, and knows how to help you. So, let’s get started and find out how:

1. Generate The Text

Text generation is the first step, which makes it easier for you. It is mainly because coming up with various types of content, and their paragraphs can be difficult, including the correct word usage, as well as the word count. 

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So, here’s how helps with three types of writing generation:

  • Copy
 types of writing generation

As you can see, upon entering a supposed headline, the AI-Text Generator wrote short sentences and paragraphs not exceeding more than a sentence or two. Which is an ideal length for marketing copies.

  • Content 
ideal length for marketing

Marketing content needs to be educative, and that’s why you will notice the length of paragraphs has significantly increased this time.

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  • Academic Writing 
Academic Writing

Now the paragraphs’ length has increased even more. Therefore, these three different types of content should tell you the ideal length of paragraphs, as deemed by’s algorithm. 

2. Paraphrase It For Good Length 

If you think the length of any paragraph is a bit too much for your liking, then you can always try to paraphrase it. Bear in mind that the particular length of paragraphs is subjective. However, it depends on whether if the content portrays an idea well. Here’s an example:

length of any paragraph

As we see here, upon’s intervention, the content has seemingly increased. That’s because the AI didn’t deem it was portraying the idea well. So, be subjective in terms of paragraph lengths, but make sure it does embody the idea perfectly.

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3. Remove Redundancy 

There are times when paraphrasing or AI-Content Generator might increase the word count by adding redundancy. Therefore, you should understand how to reduce that. Here’s an example:

paraphrasing or AI-Content Generator

The content we felt was there unnecessarily has been selected here. So, here’s how we improve it:

content we felt

As you can notice, nothing about the subject matter changed, but the word count went from 104 to 76. 

4. Improve Grammar

Before you use the paragraph you write, make sure it’s grammatically correct. In the art of paragraph writing, you must write error-free paragraphs. Here’s an example:

make sure it’s grammatically correct

Upon checking our initial paragraph, the grammar checker has found no errors. But, if you do write manually, make sure to use our Grammar Checker to ensure its integrity.

5. Check For Plagiarism

You cannot afford to have any plagiarism in your paragraphs, regardless of your usage. Therefore, just to be double-sure, try using our Plagiarism Checker when you’re done writing your paragraph, such as this:

Plagiarism Checker when you’re done writing

The green underlines indicate the content’s originality. In other words, this paragraph is plagiarism-free and ready to be used. 

Benefits Of Writing Good Paragraphs 

The process might seem tedious, but it’s worth it. If you wish for your content to be successful, then you need to focus on writing good paragraphs. So, to help you understand its importance, here are 3 major benefits of good paragraphs:

1. Academic Integrity

Academic integrity and originality depend a lot on how well you write paragraphs. If your paragraphs are lackluster, then so will be your content. In order to write content that has all the ingredients for academic success, you need to write good paragraphs.

2. Marketing Prowess

Online marketing depends a lot on how well you write content. While the paragraph lengths in marketing blogs and websites tend to be a lot shorter than academic essays, they need to be written well. And, writing well will earn you undeniable marketing prowess.

3. Business Portrayal 

Your business’s portrayal will be a key factor in its success, and writing good paragraphs can help you do it better. Moreover, it can help you establish credibility by portraying your expertise in your marketing copies. 


There’s your guide to writing good paragraphs. You can generate text with the help of AI to understand the ideal length for each time. Therefore, make sure you keep your content’s goal in mind when writing paragraphs. 

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