What is an Effective Way to Paraphrase?

Paraprasing is a writing skill that should be known by students, writers, and all those who are associated with writing profession.

Here are 03 steps for paraphrasing

Substitute Synonyms

Paraphrasing begins with finding appropriate synonyms for problematic terms.

This removes plagiarism and makes the content more creative. Consider using innovative and appropriate synonyms in your sentences. Otherwise, the context will change.

Restructure Sentences

  • change the voice of the verb
  • alter the subject matter
  • replace adverb with subject (or vice versa)
  • substitute more appealing words
  • convert simple sentences into compound (or vice versa)

Use Paraphraser

Take help of a good paraphrasing tool. Online paraphrasing tools can assist you in writing more clear way.

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