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As businesses and bloggers increasingly see the benefits of AI article generator software for elevating their content, the demand for these tools continues to rise. Among the top choices are and Copymatic, both use state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to assist in writing content. 

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the article generator of both and Copymatic and provide a comprehensive comparison to help you make an informed decision that aligns with your specific requirements.

So, let’s get started! and Copymatic: Full Overview


Free Usage

Factually Accurate Content

SEO H2/H3 Tags

Built-In Text Editor

Customization Options


Price (Monthly Basis)

Paraphrasing Tool

Plagiarism Checker

Grammar Checker

Outline Generator

Research Panel


Word Count Limit




Starting at $20/month

Up to 50,000 words

Free Trial



Starting at $49/month

Up to 200,000 words

Both these tools offer an extensive list of writing and editing tools, but here we’ll only compare their AI article generator tools. 

In this and Copymatic article generator comparison article, we will debunk a few top-drawer features and the pros and cons of both tools. The aim is to enlighten you to choose the better option according to your requirements. 

A little about and

Both AI writing tools make writing easier for you. You can use these AI tools to write high-quality content and many of their features are similar.

Both these tools offer a suite of writing tools but wins in terms of providing the easiest-to-use and absolutely free-of-cost AI writing tools. Besides, it doesn’t compromise the output quality. 

Whether you are trying to compose an article, blog post, or website content from scratch, edit it a little, or fact-check its quality, these two content writing tools can help you get there.

Now, we’ll take a look at both article generators.

What is Article Generator? article generator software that uses AI magic to crank out high-quality, unique pieces of content. With, you’ll be able to create a fantastic article by only entering the title and focused keywords. The output article not only sounds well but also packs a punch in terms of readability and uniqueness. 

So, if you are a writer struggling to meet deadlines or worry about thin-quality text, you’ll be able to generate articles in a flash, thanks to’s article generator. 

You can also use to help you write your website content, as it creates high-quality SEO-driven content based on the provided keywords. 

This way, it helps you boost your website traffic and conversion. 

Not just for writing, the article generator is worth checking out if you want to improve as a writer. 

Here is the simple interface of our tool:

Article Generator Result

What Is the Copymatic Article Writer?

Copymatic offers another article-writing software that generates top-notch articles for you. Copymatic asks you to enter your title, keywords, and subheadings to craft an article that is unique and human-readable. 

Sidenote: Here the limitation with Copymatic is that – it does not allow you to create articles before you enter the subheadings either manually or generated by AI. Comparatively, offers a one-click article generator that generates the complete article with the most relevant subheadings on its own – making writing quickly.  

Whether you’re a writer or a website owner just looking to create killing website content, Copymatic support for over 20 languages makes it the perfect solution.

With Copymatic article writer, you’ll save precious time by having your article generated and tailored to your needs. Copymatic ensures that the content it creates is top-notch, so you can focus on what you do best.

Here is the interface of

What Is The Difference Between Article Generator by Copymatic? 

When choosing an AI article writing tool that meets your needs, what distinguishes and Copymatic? article generator focuses on generating a complete article with just a title prompt and keywords. While Copymatic offers a more extensive set of features to begin writing an article. 

For example, you need to add subtitles (maximum 3) either manually or automatically, otherwise, it doesn’t allow you to generate articles. Signing up or logging in with your email address for Copymatic is another downfall. 

There is no doubt that both tools produce quality writing. vs Features
Ease of UseYesYes
Built-in Text EditorYesYes
SEO-Optimized ArticlesYesYes
Generates Meta DescriptionsYesNo
Automatically Generates SubheadingsYesNeeds Manual Input
Generates Related LinksYesNo
Plagiarism-Free ArticlesYesYes
Free Plagiarism CheckerYes No
Suggests PicturesNoYes (Beta)
Saves/Downloads ArticleYesYes
Provides Content Analysis PreviewNoYes
Calculates SEO ScoreNoYes Article Generator Vs Copymatic Article Writer Difference In Pricing




Paraphrasing tool

$15/month (25000 words)

$12/month (25000 words)


$49 (200,000 words)

$32 (200,000 words) vs Copymatic Pros and Cons

Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of both AI software to help you better understand which one is a better option: Pros

  • Offers to most features with unlimited free versions. 
  • No need to attach a credit card.
  • Content Creation: Blog posts, email copies, essays, research papers, website copies, etc.
  • The fastest turnaround with well-crafted articles 
  • Free text editor for article formatting 
  • Beginners’ friendly user interface.
  • Generate high-quality, plagiarism-free content 
  • Fetches all the relevant links from the web
  • Allows you to generate meta descriptions of articles
  • Better quality content than manual writing
  • SEO-driven content based on entered keywords Cons

  • Distractive ads with the free version
  • No free trial on the article generator 

Copymatic Pros

  • Offers a range of copywriting tools
  • A handy WordPress plugin that lets you work right from your dashboard
  • Generates a range of content, from short-form to long-form, cold emails, and more
  • Convenient Google Chrome extension to follow you wherever you work on the web
  • High-quality output
  • Get 1,500 free writing credits when you sign up

Copymatic Cons

  • Sign up required (even for a free trial)
  • Customer support can be lacking
  • The user interface may not be intuitive for some.
  • Fewer words in the premium package 
  • Subheadings are required to generate an article 

Is better than Copymatic?

Now, the burning question on everyone’s mind: is better than Copymatic? The answer to this question depends on your personal choice in using an AI writing tool. 

Personally, I prefer as it is ideal for those seeking an easy-to-use writing tool and generating high-quality content. I use it specifically for all my blog content and the good thing about the tool is that it offers other writing assistance tools for free such as plagiarism checker and grammar checker. This allows me to fine-tune my article and ensure that it is plagiarism free. 

Plus, it is easy to use, and no signup or registration is required for its free suite of tools, saving me time and improving my writing skills. The thing I must admit is that it is the best tool for generating short-form articles and blog posts. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a tool to write long-form articles with a pre-crafted article outlines, Copymatic is a better choice. Although it allows you to generate fewer words with a premium compared to, it excels in long-form content. 

In conclusion, both AI article generator tools have a lot to offer users.

Final Verdict: Vs. Copymatic 

Well, I’m sure you found the comparison article of and Copymatic helpful. Both tools are fantastic and can be a great asset for those looking to generate articles with AI writing. 

In this battle, comes out on top, especially for writers, solopreneurs, and digital agencies that need a huge amount of content to lighten their writing load in a budget-friendly manner. 

So, try now and start creating high-end, unique, and ready-to-publish articles in a snap.