Comparison between and Quillbot

These two tools have become the go-to assistance for writers. Then, which one is better?

We made with the utmost necessity of writers in mind. The priority has always been to provide an alternative to some of the more expensive paid options out there, such as QuillBot.

Which is a remarkable tool in its own way and helps writers every day. Bearing that in mind, ParaphrasingTool.AI’s experts wanted to provide a solution that was both feasible and free. Now, doing that is not exactly easy, but the tool is up and running.

Moreover, it helps thousands of writers every day—helping them create outstanding content. So, is it better than QuillBot? How does it fare against its paraphrasers? Moreover, how do the accompanying tools bode against QuillBot’s additional offers? Let’s dig in and find out:

What Is Paraphrasingtool.AI? is a remarkable tool that writers use to paraphrase, recreate, reform, and reconstruct existing content. Some also use it to avoid plagiarism and deliver 100% original content. However, most of them use it to ensure the best content that they can possibly deliver.

ParaphrasingTool.AI is one of the best suites for writers today through its varying services and key supplementary tools. It’s a complete solution for those looking to formulate great content and think out of the box.

With its ability to rejuvenate existing content and create new content out of a single syllable, ParaphrasingTool.AI is putting ground-breaking technology in the hands of writers around the globe. This alone makes it one of the necessary tools to have in the hut for any writer. 


  • Outstanding paraphrasing prowess
  • AI Text Generator is a remarkable supplementary tool
  • Plagiarism detector & grammar checkers included
  • Absolutely free, along with its range of tools
  • Offers no paid programs—keeping the same services


  • Working on it

What Is QuillBot?

QuillBot is one of the primary tools that you will come across when you search on google for paraphrasing tools. It has become one of the leading tools that writers use for various purposes. It helps them rewrite, recreate and ensure the content’s quality in various ways. 

The tool itself relies on “state-of-the-art” AI, as claimed by the website. Its algorithms are unknown, but it’s sure to use some sort of NLP-based programming to achieve paraphrasing and other writing-related operations.

However, one of the common problems that users seem to have is the unnatural tone of the content. Moreover, some of the tools aren’t as effective—but we’ll dive into that in a bit.


  • Allows free usage
  • Various selectable content tones
  • Let’s you decide on synonym intensity
  • Several accompanying tools


  • Saves the best for the paid version
  • Unnatural content 
  • Robotic sentences and structure of rephrased content
  • Free Sign-Up isn’t as effective as you would hope

One-on-one Comparison

Finding out a good tool requires us to dive in deeper into what they have to offer. In the case of these tools, we know that they offer a remarkable array of tools, each one ideal for writers. However, their varying usage and their vast implication make it hard to pick one.

So, it’s imperative to understand which of these providers offers the best. So, we’ll be pitting them against each other on a scale of four varying implications, from lackluster, to average, to good and great. This will allow us to understand a few key elements:

Paraphrasing ToolGoodGreat
AI Text GeneratorDoesn’t have oneGreat
Citation GeneratorAverageComing Soon
Grammar CheckerLackluster Average 
Content ToneFour selectable tonesNatural/Fluent
Plagiarism CheckerBadAccurate
Text SummarizerLacklustre Good

While QuillBot does offer Co-Writer [Beta], it’s not available for free or unregistered users. Since we’re only taking free usage into account, it doesn’t make the list. Therefore, on paper, ParaphrasingTool.AI appears more feature-rich and extraordinary. 

Each of the four ratings has been granted to each tool based on its usage. Our tool is used by thousands of users every day, and they rate it as such—including the other add-on tools. On the other hand, QuillBot seems to have a few things going for it. 

Such as its four selectable tones. However, since our AI depends a lot on natural algorithms, it’s less vulnerable to failure compared to QuillBot’s selectable content tones.

However, compared to the prowess of key tools such as AI Text Generator and Text Summarizers, it pales in comparison a little. 


  • Offers varying content tones
  • A highly convenient synonym intensity selector 
  • Citation generator can help sometimes

  • Offers better Paraphrasing—without tone selection
  • The grammar checker stands out
  • Better plagiarism detection—more accessible as well
  • AI Text Generator is ideal for people with writers’ block

QuillBot has more features to offer, but Paraphrasing leads with effectiveness. However, the latter still stands out with its remarkable collection of tools. ParaphrasingTool.AI sure looks to lead the way, with each one serving a different purpose. 

Paraphrasing: VS QuillBot

The primary purpose of both these tools and the reason for their existence is Paraphrasing. So, regardless of the other features that they offer, they need to stand out with their paraphrasing tool. 

Since our experts have enthused ParaphrasingTool.AI with remarkable algorithms, it’s set to go against any of the leading paraphrasing tools available today. 

So, without making any tweaks to QuillBot’s default settings, let’s put these two remarkable tools against one another and see which one comes out on top.

A majority of the users at employ it to make their content better. While a good chunk of them are looking to avoid plagiarism, most of the users wish to make their content sound better than the original.

So, let’s try to rephrase something:

“There is a dire need of good content right now. Therefore, this content better be good.”

There’s nothing virtually wrong with this sentence. But, let’s see what does to it:

virtually wrong with this sentence

Even if there’s nothing wrong with the content, it makes it 100% better. Our remarkable AI recognizes text patterns without delays and delivers guaranteed original content. Moreover, if it had any plagiarism in it, it would be gone by this point.

Moreover, it vastly improves the content’s flow as well. Instead of relying on redundancy like the original sentence, it reduced the words to make them sound simple and more fluent.

  • Quicker than most paraphrasers
  • Fixes content tone
  • Rephrases into original content 
  • Allows more up to 1000 words at a time
  • Improves content flow
  • None so far


QuillBot doesn’t exactly need any introduction, as it’s one of the most famed tools among writers. They use it every day to eliminate plagiarism and produce original content for blogs, academic essays, etc. 

Its usage in academic and professional settings makes it a remarkable tool for everyone who uses it. So, how exactly does it cope against the ParaphrasingTool.AI? So, let’s keep the content tone to standard and use the same sentence:

keep the content tone to standard

As you can see, it does change the words a bit, but it’s not exactly natural. You will never see a fluent writer use “as a result” instead of “therefore,” or “so.” That’s why it’s not exactly making a case for itself in terms of fluency. 

Furthermore, the content doesn’t’ sound natural because it’s robotic. Content can be scarce, requires more, or needed more, but it’s not something that you can say is in “short supply.” So, results speak for themselves, and QuillBot falls short in fluency. 

  • Quick and convenient
  • Extensive free usage
  • File import
  • Content modes/synonym intensity
  • Not exactly fluent
  • Doesn’t rephrase in a natural content tone
  • Doesn’t use flowing synonyms 
  • Almost risks patchwork

Winner: ParaphrasingTool.AI

Not to boast, but as you can see, our tool takes the lead in terms of natural content, fluency, and overall originality of the paraphrased content. It made it better and ensured top-notch fluency.

Original Sentence: “There is a dire need of good content right now. Therefore, this content better be good.”
Quillbot Result: Right now, good content is in short supply. As a result, this content must be excellent. Result: Good content is now urgently needed. So it is better to have good content. Offers Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism checking goes hand in hand with paraphrasing. Some rely heavily on Grammarly, but most don’t have that kind of money. So, this free paraphrasing tool stands out because of its extensive free usage.

However, the effective way to check any tool is by trying it out yourself. However, QuillBot offers a plagiarism checker, so there’s nothing to compare it against. So, let’s see how it does

ParaphrasingTool.AI’s Plagiarism Checker Paired With Paraphraser

ParaphrasingTool.AI made the Plagiarism Checker with one thing in mind: providing the writers with the right tools to avoid plagiarism, especially before Paraphrasing. However, over the months, we have doubled down on the improvement of the plagiarism checker as a standalone tool. 

So, let’s take a plagiarized or duplicate sentence, for instance:

plagiarized or duplicate sentence

As you can see, one half of the content is plagiarized, underlined in red, the other half is green because it’s original. The prowess and simplicity of our tool stem from our priority towards effectiveness.

The plagiarism tool’s purpose is to detect duplicity, and by underlining such content, our tool allows the writers to get rid of them properly. So, let’s try to do that by Paraphrasing.

try to do that by Paraphrasing

You can notice that our paraphraser has changed the copied/duplicated content here. So, does it pass the plagiarism checker? Let’s try:

pass the plagiarism checker

As you can see, all green. This efficiency is one of the things that the paraphrasing tool prioritizes. So, the entire process of detecting plagiarism – then Paraphrasing – then checking for plagiarism again took less than a minute.

ParaphrasingTool.AI’s Summarizer Works Effectively

We’ve talked about similarities between ParaphrasingTool.AI and the QuillBot, we also spoke of the feature that one offers, and the other doesn’t. Now, let’s talk about one of the secondary tools that both QuillBot and we provide. 

This tool is Summarizer, meant to help writers shorten the text or write summaries of long-form content. It’s a highly effective tool for writers in academies and professional settings. So, how do we fare against QuillBot’s Summarizer? Let’s see what our tool can do:

ParaphrasingTool.AI’s Summarizer 

ParaphrasingTool.AI’s Summarizer prioritizes one thing: shortening longer texts and providing an alternative shorter version of long texts. An example of our tool’s ability is this:

alternative shorter version of long texts

See how our Summarizer helps you formulate short yet astounding summaries? This is what we aim for throughout our tools.


QuillBot’s Summarizer isn’t exactly its leading feature, but many writers use it. So, let’s use the same passage and see if it summarizes it the same way. 

summarizes it the same way

The tool does not summarize the text whatsoever. It only separates them into sentences, which isn’t exactly summarizing. This once more proves that ParphrasingTool.AI is leading with its simple yet effective tactics.

It doesn’t rely on flashy UI, nor does it provide an overabundance of options. What it does is just right for the writers. 

ParaphrasingTool.AI’s Remarkable Tool: AI Text Generator 

ParaphrasingTool.AI aims to become a complete suite for writers. In a bid to achieve just that, we recently introduced something that not many paraphrasing tools provide—including QuillBot. This tool is AI Text Generator.

Whether you’re in a strut, suffering from a writers block, or just don’t know where to get started, then it can help jumpstart your writing process. 

So, if you have an idea about writing an article on plagiarism-free content, how does it help you? Here’s how:

Generate using the words “Writing an SEO article….” Then paste the screenshot here:

As you can see in the screenshot above, it’s not only a great tool at Paraphrasing; it effectively generates text from the roots. All we did was entered the query “writing an SEO article,” and then it did the rest. 

This is something QuillBot doesn’t offer for free—and no reviews are speaking of the paid version otherwise. In our mind, that gives our tool one-up over QuillBot, as the AI Text Generator helps writers break the strut and write engaging texts. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better

You could call it bias, but as you can see, our ParphrasingTool.AI outperformed QuillBot in every aspect—and every way imaginable. Despite having lesser options and depending entirely on AI, it generated better and more natural-sounding text.