AI Paraphraser Is Your New Creative Writing Assistant

Creative writing requires the writers to give their all. So, can AI-based paraphrasing tools help them do that? 

There are 73% of bachelors in the US who have gone on to become creative writers. These writers face a great challenge every day, and they need all the assistance they can get to stand out in a crowded creative writing niche.

However, it depends on your definition of creative writing. Even creative copywriting is considered one of them, as it does require the writer to be innovative. While SEO writing and academic writing are definitely worth all the creativity one can muster.

So, how should all these different types of writers seek help from AI Paraphrasers? How do they ensure these tools assist them in writing the best content possible? Let’s dive in and find out: 

What Are AI Paraphrasers? 

AI paraphrasing tools or AI paraphrasers like are tools that help writers achieve various goals. These tools help them do that by extensively using AI elements and ensure that writer’s overcome their common problems.

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Therefore, writers often seek these tools to fix a problem or change their content entirely. Some of the most common uses of AI-Paraphrasers is:

  • Changing content top-to-bottom
  • Ensuring better content tone & flow
  • Avoiding plagiarism 
  • Improving overall integrity of the content
  • Changing content just enough to fix minor problems

These are some of the most common uses of paraphrasing tools by writers today. With the help of NLP, these tools first turn the initial content into machine language. 

Then, they paraphrase using advanced AI algorithms to execute the paraphrasing. This process allows them to recreate content within a few seconds instead of minutes or hours by human hands.

Writing Creative Content With AI Paraphrasing Tools 

Creative content isn’t necessarily about writing something that’ll drop jaws. In fact, creative writing in any niche is about writing original and unfazed content. 

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In other words, something that stands out as original without compromising the originality. So, can help you with that? Yes, it can, and here’s how:

1. Face-lifting Existing Content 

Your existing content might not be as creative as you wish for it to be. Well, you don’t need to worry, as’s algorithms know just how to fix them. Here’s an example of content that needs a facelift: 

“Good content in SEO is about writing from the depths of your mind. Understanding your audience can help you out with it. However, it’s equally important to deliver your content properly.”

You might be thinking, what’s wrong with it? Here are a few things that are:

  • It lacks a linear & consistent tone
  • It’s using difficult words
  • It’s not flowing properly

Therefore, here’s how fixes these problems: fixes these problems

The content marked in red indicates how much needed changing to make it better. So, it did get a facelift, but if you’re not impressed? Run it again:

make it better. So, it did get a facelift

To ensure that the subject remains the same, we added “content” next to the website (marked in green). Then, when we paraphrased again, the tool didn’t change much, but it made it twice as better than the first time. 

2. From Lackluster To Brilliant 

What are the signs of lackluster content? Repetitiveness, lack of readability, and something that seems like it was written by someone who doesn’t get paid enough. Here’s an example:

“Writing your website’s primary copy should be about garnering your audience. if you’re not delivering this idea to your reader, then the awareness you’re looking to generate may not happen”

This content is too much on the nose. Or, in other words, way too obvious, and it’s not suggesting the idea subtly. So, how does rescue you? Here’s how:

suggesting the idea

Do you see the changed content marked in red? That was all that was needed to make it better. Not drastic changes, but enough to make sure the content is different and better. That’s when shines bright, as its algorithm knows just what’s best for your content.

3. Improving Content’s Tone

Content’s tone is a necessary factor in its success. Suppose the tone isn’t readable or something targeted towards a specific audience. In that case, creative content may not garner the effect that it wishes to. Here’s an example:

Here's an example

This content was paraphrased by tool initially, as we saw before. So, how exactly did it change once more? Here’s how:

paraphrased by tool

The second time we paraphrased was a testament to the ability of’s algorithms. If you use it once, then it recognizes problems and fixes them. However, if you rephrase it again, then it tries to make it better by improving the content tone, as we can see in the image above.

4. Avoiding Duplicity & Plagiarism

Duplicity and plagiarism are your worst enemy in any sort of creative writing. That’s when you need to check for plagiarism, and here’s what you don’t want to see:

need to check for plagiarism

Underlined content in red means it’s plagiarized and unacceptable for usage in any sort of writing. However, here’s what you do want to see:

sort of writing

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The content marked in green shows that it’s plagiarism-free. Or, in other words, ideal for usage in any sort of platform, etc. So, here’s how to get to what you want to see:

it's plagiarism-free

All we did here was switched back to paraphraser once more and let it do the work. Now, you can notice the vast difference between these two texts. 

3 Benefits Of Using AI-Paraphrasers 

The benefits of using an AI-based paraphraser are countless. Since is one of the best and leading paraphrasing tools available today, it provides way more than a few benefits to writers.

However, it’s imperative to understand why you need to go through the minuscule hassle of using this tool. So, here are three benefits to help you understand why it’s all worth it:

1. Saves A Lot Of Time

All of the process shown above takes around 5-10 seconds each. So, when you round it up, each aspect, such as paraphrasing or plagiarism checking, ends up taking less than 5-10 minutes. The same process that would otherwise take you an hour or so. 

2. Bulk Content Creation

These tools make it easier to promote bulk content creation with such speed and work efficiency. has remarkable prowess in creating long-form content. 

3. Recreate Efficiently

As demonstrated throughout our examples, you can efficiently recreate or revamp your content. This same process can be challenging to do manually, but does it flawlessly. 


That’s how you use AI-based tools to assist you, folks. If you have any questions or wish to learn more about AI-based tools like, then sound off in the comments below.