Does Work Against Plagiarism?

Does Work Against Plagiarism?

Plagiarism detection and removal are two of the most necessary practices among writers. So, can do that?  The answer is: yes, it can, and you will see it throughout this article. But, first, we need to understand a few things, such as why it’s important to remove plagiarism in the first place.  According to … Read more

An Overview Of AI Writing Assistants And How They Will Change The Writing Process?

Overview Of AI Writing Assistants & How They Will Change The Writing Process

AI-Writing assistance is becoming a common practice among writers. So, how exactly do they help?  The phases of any writing process are vital in producing a final outcome. Writers today have the luxury of using AI-based tools. In contrast, the writers before relied heavily on research and consistency.  Today, research is made easy by platforms … Read more

5 Methods To Create Plagiarism-Free Content

5 Methods To Create Plagiarism Free Content

Plagiarism plagues writers around the globe. So, what methods can they use to avoid plagiarism?  Writing plagiarism-free content requires the writer to tend to advanced techniques. Since plagiarism has been a growing problem for years now, many new techniques and tools can be used to achieve this.  Since 80% of college students have admitted that … Read more

Is Paraphrasing Legal? Does It Count As Cheating?

Is Paraphrasing Legal Does It Count As Cheating

Paraphrasing is a common practice for writers. But is it even legal?  According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of legal is something that a court of law regularizes. While paraphrasing is a common occurrence in the writing world, it’s not exactly illegal until someone uses it for illegal reasons. For instance, paraphrasing copyrighted work and presenting … Read more