What are good examples of paraphrasing?

To start paraphrasing, write your paraphrase on a note card, identifying key phrases and words that reflect the original’s meaning. It’s important to entact the meaning of original text. Also, add the name of the original author or the source if it is available.

AI Paraphrasing And Content Marketing Strategy

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How AI Paraphrasing Has Changed The Writing Process?

AI-Writing assistance is becoming a common practice among writers. So, how exactly do they help?  The phases of any writing process are vital in producing a final outcome. Writers today have the luxury of using AI-based tools. In contrast, the writers before relied heavily on research and consistency.  Today, research … Read complete blog

5 Methods To Create Plagiarism-Free Content

Plagiarism plagues writers around the globe. So, what methods can they use to avoid plagiarism?  Writing plagiarism-free content requires the writer to tend to advanced techniques. Since plagiarism has been a growing problem for years now, many new techniques and tools can be used to achieve this.  Since 80% of … Read complete blog

Is Paraphrasing Legal? Does It Count As Cheating?

Paraphrasing is a common practice for writers. But is it even legal?  According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of legal is something that a court of law regularizes. While paraphrasing is a common occurrence in the writing world, it’s not exactly illegal until someone uses it for illegal reasons. For instance, … Read complete blog