Paraphrasing Guide

What is Paraphrasing? The idea of paraphrasing is to convey the same idea with different words and phrases. Using it as an alternative to direct quotations allows you to incorporate evidence and sources into your writing. Additionally, it can be used to explain information in tables, charts, and diagrams. Paraphrasing Example ORIGINAL

Does Work Against Plagiarism?

Does Work Against Plagiarism?

Plagiarism detection and removal are two of the most necessary practices among writers. So, can do that?  The answer is: yes, it can, and you will see it throughout this article. But, first, we need to understand a few things, such as why it’s important to remove plagiarism in the first place.  According to … Read more

An Overview Of AI Writing Assistants And How They Will Change The Writing Process?

Overview Of AI Writing Assistants & How They Will Change The Writing Process

AI-Writing assistance is becoming a common practice among writers. So, how exactly do they help?  The phases of any writing process are vital in producing a final outcome. Writers today have the luxury of using AI-based tools. In contrast, the writers before relied heavily on research and consistency.  Today, research is made easy by platforms … Read more

5 Methods To Create Plagiarism-Free Content

5 Methods To Create Plagiarism Free Content

Plagiarism plagues writers around the globe. So, what methods can they use to avoid plagiarism?  Writing plagiarism-free content requires the writer to tend to advanced techniques. Since plagiarism has been a growing problem for years now, many new techniques and tools can be used to achieve this.  Since 80% of college students have admitted that … Read more