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Our PDF Summarizer offers 2 different summary styles no matter the length or complexity of the text. Use it to save time, enhance learning efficiency, improve comprehension, and communication. The AI PDF Summarizer below is sure to give you an endless amount of ideas.

It generates summary based on original words.
It generates summary based on Artificial Intelligence.
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Original-Words Summary

The original-words summary option does not change the wording of original text. It keeps the words same but extract the most important points.

  1. Original key points and wording
  2. No changes made in original text
  3. Faster than AI Summary Mode

AI Summary (Near Human)

The near human (AI Summary) option will generate plagiarism free summary. You can check the plagiarism status here (check plagiarism in summary).

  1. Summary in human words
  2. Key points in your own words
  3. Plagiarism free summary

Summary Generator Features

Summarize Articles With URL

Enter the URL of an online articles and click “Extract” button. Next, click on “Summarize” to generate summary.

Paragraph vs Bullet Points

Get your summary in paragraph or in bullet points.

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Summarize Unlimited Words

There is no words limit. Summarize unlimited words and pages.